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All hail the Revolution!

March 28, 2013

By Barry Tucker                 28 March, 2013

Tony Abbott is not man enough to lead a revolution, but he might start one. Accidentally, of course.

If this old-fashioned Catholic wins the 7 September federal election he will take Australia back to the days of the Conservative Howard government era. Abbott and his entire shadow Cabinet are from that era. Abbott’s policies are from the Howard era too.

I don’t want Australia to go backwards. I don’t want to go backwards. I don’t want to be treated as an honorary Catholic either.

Labor’s legislative initiatives will be undone, even the pioneering world-class ones. It’s what our political duopoly does every 3, 6 or 9 years. No matter which side of the fence you sit, you have to endure the pain of watching everything you fought for pulled apart.

So, come the Revolution, the first thing to go should be the Political Duopoly. Off With Their Fucking Heads! Bring on the minor parties and the Independents. Force the bastards to share policies, ideas and power. Govern for the broad population, not the sectional interests.

I like to read conspiracy stories, of a certain kind. The ones that speak of an international Neo-conservative plot to take over the world. The one that wants to throw Education into the Dumbing Down melting pot, under which the flames are fanned by a meaningless, mindless media of radio, tv, newspapers and magazines full of shit, empty-headed semi-naked or more likely naked movie stars, pop stars, media stars, sports stars, megastars, comic book superheros, supermodels, lying politicians lying and politicians caught lying or laying down with the wrong person or the person of the wrong gender which if you run the campaign right can win you votes and all of it over-layered with the pure puritanical pulchritude of priestly virtue praising an imaginary god while fucking each other and any unfortunate orphan, choir boy, altar boy or anybody else who gets within their reach. If you’re from the Right church and you get done for fiddling with little boys don’t sweat it because the Mad Monk will give you a character reference. Did I mention hypocrisy?

It’s not the news media’s job to decide
who deserves to govern

Did I mention the news media specifically? I’ll do it now. Off With Their Fucking Heads! I was part of the news media (NM) for almost five decades, ending 2004. For most of that time the NM for the most part followed a Code of Ethics. Reporting was supposed to be fair, balanced, impartial. As a reporter I was Code oriented. As a sub-editor, my job was to keep it that way. At some point, the NM lost its way. Perhaps more precisely, it found a new way. A new power. The abuse of that power could put a political party in or out of office. That doesn’t seem right. It’s not the news media’s job to decide who deserves to govern. Of course, we are not naive are we? The owners of the NM, the Big End of town, have given themselves the right to decide who can govern and who can’t. In doing so they’ve fucked Democracy as surely as some filthy hypocrite in a flowing gown has nailed a squealing choir boy behind the altar of the Holier Than Thous.

If I remember correctly it was back in 1993 that the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance was formed, putting the news media fairly and squarely in with the entertainers, artists and circus clowns. Since then and more particularly in the past five years we have been “entertained” by a NM dead set against the federal Labor government, with little to no interest in its policies and legislation and a strong preference for the antics of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott rather than his policies. He does have policies, more like slogans actually, but he doesn’t like talking about them and he sure as hell doesn’t like being questioned about them. Which is why almost every single journalist on the Continent doesn’t even bother to ask. There’s only one solution: Off With Their Fucking Heads!

Let’s take stock (I might have got a bit carried away). So far in the tumbrel cart we have the major political parties, or at least the bulk of their leadership; we have the Holier Than Thou Hypocrites of the Holy Church of the Euphemism; we have the purveyors of puerile pap that passes for entertainment on radio, tv, etc; we have the “freedom” chanting Freedom of the Press Barons; and we have the journos, for whom paying the rent, mortgage, whatever has become more important than any sense of moral or professional rectitude. I’d like your indulgence to throw in anyone who plays rugby (note: r, lower case) because in my opinion this so-called game is nothing more than the modern day equivalent of Sand, Sandals & Gladiators designed to keep the dismal crowd from contemplating how dismal their lives are. And to those who make a buck out of promoting it: “Get in the cart.”

What does all the above come to? Nothing much that’s new. Those of us who watch closely are aware that something’s going on. We don’t have a crystal ball so we can’t see the future. We can only speculate, and draw on past experiences. If Abbott gets in the Libs will undo some of Labor’s work, they’ll dismantle stuff that costs business money, favour churchy schools, bash refugees, ignore global warming or CC and eventually some will get caught saying or doing the wrong thing, they’ll get kicked out and the whole sorry syndrome will grind on.

It will grind on because not enough people care. They should care because it’s their lives and livelihoods that get messed with in this triennial circus.

As recently as last night it occurred to me that Tony Abbott, who has been pursuing the Ultimate Power of PM for a long time and at any cost to his own virtue, has NEVER said why he wants it or what he’s going to do with it. He says a politician shouldn’t be directed by religious affiliation (or some such), but that wasn’t one of his “carefully scripted remarks” so by his own reckoning it’s not the gospel truth. Could a turn in government by a man who is obsessed with Power but probably not mature enough to wield it responsibly cause enough people to say: “We are sick of this cycle of shit and we are not going to take it any more! We demand change! Off With Their Fucking Heads!”


Journalist and commentator Andrew Bolt is one of the leaders of the Abbott fan club.

In an article titled “Abbott begins his revolution”, he writes about the first 10 days following the 2013 election and the style of the Abbott government.

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