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The Third Party

April 21, 2014

The contents of this file have been moved into a new blog which has been designed to allow comment on each separate policy.

Click here to go to the main page. A policy items menu should appear on the left-hand side and a comment box should appear below.

If those items are not visible, click on ~ Leave a Comment, below and to the right of the headline. More features, including those mentioned above, will magically appear.

Constructive comments, corrections, development, further ideas, new policy headings, possible references, etc, are welcomed.

This is a genuine attempt to develop policies and come up with ways to counter the dreadful state of Australian politics due to The Dreaded Duopoly, corporate interference and the truly awful news media. The site is not intended for the usual slanging off and whining that appears below political blogs. Such unhelpful comments will be removed.

  1. It’s interesting to me that almost exactly the same problems are being experienced by democracies globally, which, to me, points to both the cause and, hopefully, the solution.

    As technology has shrunk the world, the ability for organisations to act globally has increased. Nations have the United Nations within which to cooperate but the UN was stillborn, being nothing more than a toothless talking shop knobbled with the ridiculous presence of veto powers by the WWII winners. This means nations do not have a practical, effective way to work together. Corporations, on the other hand, have no such issues and can act globally with impudence. In fact, the encourage the Nations to remain divided and competing with each other as it significantly improves their bottom line. By way of example, consider our recent experience with Car manufacturers. One of the arguments for more government funding was that ALL countries subsidize their car industries so we should too. Hello?? If all countries are subsidising cars, then NO countries subsidising cars – acting together and universally refusing subsidies – should have absolutely no impact on the manufacturers altogether – it would create a level playing field in which manufacturers would have to compete in a free market instead of bribing countries to pay or they leave.

    To me, taking back control and ownership of our democratic governments from the multinational corporations is a necessary prerequisite to ANY other initiatives. MNCs buy governments with our money, pay no tax, play nations off against each other and generally make life miserable for the majority of the planet from an impulse no more sophisticated than raw, nake greed.

    A new political movement should resolve to reach out to al the citizens in all the countries currently suffering under the same corporate yokes and coordinate and cooperate to create a global movement of citizenry. Acting together, both by influencing the political process and by acting as the consumers that the MNCs rely on, we can repair our democracies, empower and enrich a comprehensive supra-national layer of mutual benefit

    Rave over. Thanks for the opportunity, Barry

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