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Greedy government jumps the gun

June 7, 2014

The NSW LNP government is slugging some housing tenants with a sudden rent increase.

A new policy will soak up 100 percent of the Centrelink rent subsidy provided to certain pension recipients.

The entire subsidy will now go straight from Centrelink to Housing NSW’s coffers, effectively a direct payment from the federal Treasury to Housing NSW.

The policy change was announced in the letter below, sent to one subsidy recipient, apparently without any public announcement in the news media, with little explanation or justification and with no apparent concern for the welfare of Housing residents.

 Rod's letter2
The son of the woman to whom the above letter is addressed is a Twitter follower and friend, Rodney Geddes. He has given me permission to reproduce the letter and his reaction to it. Rod’s letter mentions the other expenses he and his mother will face as the result of the federal government’s 2014 Budget.
“Hi Barry. Take what part you think you can use in The Sniper.
“My names is Rodney Geddes and I am a full-time student and carer of my very sick mum Sue Geddes. I have worked most of my life from the age of 15 until 42. My longest and second last job was for Westfarmers at Blackwood, where I worked for 15 years.

“After my mum had a very bad car accident, which is responsible for 95% of the things she now suffers from, I left my last job after working there for 18 months. I have paid my taxes and after dad died I again went back to work and paid taxes (so did my dad all his life, as a truck driver). I have two brothers who work in the mining industry and a sister who works in Darwin, looking after people who find it hard to live: low income, disabled, Aborigines and so on. So mum will get hit hard on that front alone.

“Mum and me get about $17,000 each a year to live on (I get a bit more). I have worked out that if the pension goes to the CPI at the average wage of $58,000, at 40% mum and I will lose about $4,000 and the government says it is a pay rise. I say bullshit, it is a very big cut. They want us to live on about $13,000.

“Not only that, the cuts are affecting me right now as you will see from the State government cutting my rent subsidy of about $55 a fortnight. The next to go from the State government is my electricity subsidy of about $200 a year. All this from a Liberal State government, which says it’s because of the cuts from the federal government [Budget], that has not even been passed yet, but that does not stop them from taking advantage of it.

“Abbott has lied about so many different things that I can’t list them all. I did not vote for him because I believed everything the ALP said he would do and they were right. But I never thought he would go so far in the seven months he was been in the job. I will also be affected by the uni stuff and the deregulation of it [fees and loans interest indexation].

“I am also a diabetic and go to the doctor’s at least once a month for a check-up and scripts.

“So I ask you, people, how am I going to afford to get my education when I have to spend $1,000 a year on my books and more for printing my lecture notes?

“This government has shown me and you how heartless they are and only care about big business, mining companies and the super rich, none of which share the so-called pain, from a government that has spent $68 billion in just seven months during a so-called Budget emergency they concocted themselves.

“They are treating the public like we are all fools and are all very stupid and can’t think for ourselves. They think they can get away with it because he [Abbott] is backed by the Murdoch Press.

“We the people as a whole, the middle class, low income workers, the poor, the sick, pensioners and students must stand together and fight this neo-Liberal government and make sure it and the new State Liberal governments are one term governments.

“Thank you all for taking the time to read this. This is a fight we must win.”

Rodney Geddes

  1. Tragic that our governments would treat those most deserving so abominably!

    Please pass on the fact that by far the majority of Australians stand with them, and stand with them to end the worst affects mentioned in this dreadful budget. Many of us are going to unprecedented lengths, working every day to ensure the worst aspects are overturned. It is even possible this government will be brought down and an entirely new budget crafted. Chin up and keep looking out for each other. Regards Dx

  2. Yes with community housing you get paid rental assistance but it all works out the same in the long run. Since we moved into DOH we no longer get rental assistance… But rent is still 25%

    He/ she will not be any worse off…. Regardless it remains at 25% income… When I was in community housing the brought this in, everyone was in a panic as in COm Housing you get paid rental assistance as they charge market rent. DOH tenants do not get paid rental assistance if they did something is wrong. You cannot claim rental assistance in a DOH property. We transferred from Com Housing to DOH our rent is exactly the same… 25% it didn’t go up and it didn’t go down…. This letter is scare mongering and putting fear into ppl unnecessarily when it’s not what it seems & false.

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