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Understanding Liberal ideology

July 1, 2014

I thought it might be useful to explain what is happening in Australian politics.

First up, these “Liberals” are not the Liberals you once knew. They are US Republican-style Tea Party fruitcakes. They get a kick out of punishing people. Bible bashers, but people who use religion as a tool to keep the uneducated, the unaware in line.

Australia’s principle source of export income is in mining: iron ore, bauxite (for aluminium), coal, gas (offshore and from “fracking”) and uranium yellow cake. These industries are polluting at source (mining) and during manufacture: steel products, aluminium, electricity and nuclear power plants (mainly via cooling ponds).

A severe environment and pollution control program would impact on these industries at every level. It seems highly likely that they are contributing to global warming via carbon pollution. The Republicans in the USA and the Liberals and their National allies in Australia are pro industry, commerce, business and do not like the idea of restrictions or additional costs or penalties being imposed on those industries. Therefore, they believe, Global Warming, Climate Change or any kind of pollution is nonsense — not to mention the dreadful impact on profits of having to clean up their mess.

So Abbott fought Labor and the Greens, with the help of Rupert Murdoch — who is a US citizen and a Republican and therefore doesn’t like anything that impacts upon profit.

Once Abbott & Co Pity Ltd gained office they set about pulling apart everything the defeated Labor government had done in regard to making carbon polluters pay, monitoring climate change and researching and encouraging alternate, renewable (non-polluting) energies. There may be an enormous price to pay for this reckless vandalism — time will tell.

Abbott knows that “gold plating” of the electricity delivery system (the poles and wires) is a major cause of electricity price rises. Abbott knows that the decision of east coast States to export gas has forced domestic suppliers to charge higher world parity prices. Abbott knows that crazy deals between State governments and the energy regulator richly reward electricity supply companies for “gold plating”, or over-development of the supply system. This is all about profits for Big Business, of course. But Abbott doesn’t want to talk about that. He prefers to talk about “this toxic carbon tax”.

The carbon price (it’s not a tax, it’s a price on carbon, the first stage of a carbon emissions trading scheme) that Australian industry has become accustomed to paying (they pass on the cost to consumers, who are compensated — some actually make money out of it) actually puts Australian industry ahead of other countries that haven’t priced carbon but one day will have to. Abbott doesn’t want to talk about that either.

Abbott wants to talk about a “Budget Emergency!” Abbott wants to talk about “Labor’s debt and deficit disaster”. Both of these so-called crises are a figment of Abbott & Co Pity Ltd’s campaign of lies and distortion. People who know more about Australia’s economic situation than either Tony Two Face the IPA Hit Man or Joe Eleventynomics Hockeysticks say Australia’s debt is not a problem. Australia is not a company, it’s not a business. These Tea Party “economists” are merely book-keepers, or amateur accountants — there’s your problem.

So a “Budget Emergency” and “Labor’s debt and deficit disaster” is a manufactured nonsense to justify a savage Budget that hammers the elderly, the infirm, the sick, the poor, the handicapped, the unemployed, veteran’s kids, single mums, students from struggling families — anyone who’s pretty much down, can’t fight back or has hopes of climbing out of the hole and becoming one of the aspirational ones.

Abbott is one of those creatures who believes a certain class of people (his “aspirationals”) are entitled to everything they can get their hands on while others are not. Others must work until they are 70, then retire on their meagre superannuation funds or what’s left of them after the money-loving smarties of the Abbott clan (fund managers and financial advisers) have stolen their share. And just for good measure, Abbott is slugging the super of low income learners. It’s contrary and contradictory because it cuts across other measures and urgings and beliefs but, hey — there’s a reason why they call him The Mad Monk.

The “Liberals” and others, to be fair, believe in “small government”. Apart from the obvious question of “Why?”, there’s the question of how small is small? Those struggling people in the list above are paid out of Treasury. Public Service employees are also paid out of Treasury. So, the more government stuff you can get rid of, the smaller you can make the government and the smaller the amount of money those long suffering rich bastards have to hand over to the Treasury. That’s what that is all about. Oh, and fewer — preferably none — nosy government departments sticking their business into your business.

This means all those PS people have to find a job somewhere else. Abbott has a plan for that. It looks like this: “We have a plan to create a million jobs.” What is that plan? It’s this: “We have a plan to create a million jobs.” Phew, thank god for that.

Abbott believes rich people should not have to pay taxes, beyond maybe just a little bit. After all, they employ people on court ordered basic cost of living type wages. Those people pay taxes (it’s taken before they can get their grubby little hands on it) and that’s how it should be. Wage rises trigger price rises and no one’s better off, except for those who can drag a buck or two out of the increased $ value of the turnover.

Wage earners pay taxes again whenever they spend some of their money that has already been taxed. Except on many food items. But don’t worry (or do), Abbott’s got a plan to force the States to ask for a higher GST and to slap it on food items as well.

There’s a solution to this harsh and unfair nonsense, but it’s one Abbott & Co Pity Ltd is unlikely to take. That is to slug tax dodging businesses, fabulously wealthy overseas-based corporations and his wealthy mates with a higher rate of tax. He has hit the highest salary earners with a little tax — to make his ridiculously unfair Budget “fair” — but it’s a temporary measure, unlike his Draconian bashing of the less well off which (if the measures get past the Senate) will last until Labor or some coalition of minor parties and Independents can kick his ugly arse over the horizon.

I can’t wait for that one.


You may have heard the term “corporate governance” — the insideous, encroachment of big corporations’ influence on political policies and their outcomes by lobbying, financing and influencing politicians.

This movement is big and influential in the United States and the same thing is happening in Australia. The web site truthout has published a detailed article on the key players in the US.

For more on the exportation of some of their ideas to Australia, via the IPA, see: Who’s really running Australia?, especially the links in the update to the story.

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  1. Well said Barry. I agree with every word. You may be interestested in this, posted on Tasmanian Times:

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