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Where are we going?

August 28, 2014

We know there’s a problem with the quality of Western democracy today. Things are always changing and not necessarily for the better.

Corporations are increasing their influence on political policy making. What could the outcome be if you project this forward? The end of democracy is a real possibility.

What did voting for Tony Abbott get? It did not get what he promised during the 2013 election campaign. Australia got the most cynical and duplicitous federal leader of all time.

We got the implementer of the policies of the corporate-funded Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), which I believe is the policy-forming body of the Liberal party.

At the same time we are engaged in a running battle with radical Islam, which began during the 1970s when the West began messing with oil-rich Arab and essentially Islamic countries.

We are also seeing the resurgence of evangelical Christian religions. This is either a counter to the expansion of Islam or it is the natural companion of Conservative politics, allied to the power of property over people.

If radical Islam interfers with corporate interests or ambition (tick that one) there will be hell to pay: full-on “religious” war.

The commercial news media has succumbed to the battle for control of the truth.

If the people cannot find a way to regain control of their democracies (ok, questionable that they ever did), we will be right there, in the middle of George Orwell’s insightful 1984, with no idea of how or when we will ever enjoy freedom again.

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