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Why is he still there?

December 28, 2014

He admits, on global warming or climate change: “… I’ve been a bit of a weather vane”.

He flip-flops on policies, like a weather vane.

His hand-writing looks like this:

Deciphered: Work Choices Dead buried cremated Tony Abbott 19/7/10.

We know it says that because he told a radio interviewer he would put it in writing.

Deciphered: This is a very sad day. All Australia is with the dead and the hurt. Tony Abbott

Apart from the near-illegible scrawl, the sentiment is poorly expressed: “All Australia is with the dead and the hurt” ? All Australians’ thoughts are with … perhaps.

That’s a poor effort, for the country’s supposed leader, ex-journalist, a proclaimed “good writer” and an albeit failed priest.

He is not a misogynist, according to his supporters. He is, after all, the father of three “not too bad looking daughters”.

He believes a woman’s virginity is “perhaps her greatest gift” — along with the ability to cook and do the ironing.

Bitch signs

Ditch the Witch 2

“I did not see any signs on that stage on that occasion.”

He is sure Australian women have a lot to think about “as they do the ironing”.

Abbott on Women

He loves women, as he loves himself, according to his favourite book’s second rule: “Love thy neighbour, as thyself.” His problem is that he “loves” women in the wrong kind of way.

Abbott checks out the “credentials” of a 2013 election candidate.

Abbott Duch Cambridge

In Abbott’s seemingly confused mind, putting your hand on the backside of the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of an heir to England’s throne is appropriate or acceptable behaviour.


We don’t know what Abbott said to the Duchess at this point, but she seems to be recoiling in surprise, or horror.

Here he goes again, “congratulating” Sussan Ley after appointing her to his cabinet, bringing the grand total of women in cabinet to two. Hallelujah!

That was a separate publicity shot Abbott requested, apparently to show women how much he “appreciated” them.

Could it all be explained by awkwardness, or clumsiness?

Head Kiss

Some in the news media said he was trying to kiss the baby but the mother turned away, resulting in this weird kiss to the back of her head. Nonsense, his aim is off by about one-third of a metre.

He polled poorly as preferred leader during 2013 and he still does, dragging his party down with him.

Morgan poll

The Morgan poll above appeared between Christmas and New Year, 2014. More Morgan polling.


Meme by @Tom_in_Oz Sir Thomas Wynne

Happy birhday

I could go into the issue of broken election promises: a small matter of absolute contempt for the electorate.

I could delve into many, many instances of hypocrisy, lies and policy flip-flops.

Or embarrassing Australia with his gaffes at home and on the world stage.

But, to make a long story short:


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  1. Well, he’s not, of course, by now. But the same rule applies in political parties: the good people get shunted off stage at middle management level and the duds are preened for the top jobs. Look at who we have now. What is a good leader? One who looks after the people he represents. We haven’t had one of those since perhaps John Gorton. And there are none on the horizon. As bad as Abbott was, there may come a day when we’ll think back fondly on his sort of mediocrity and regret losing him. Hey, weirder things have happened. John Howard got twelve years in office. If that’s not Twilight Zone stuff, what is?

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